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Scalp and Hair Treatment

Treatment Steps Treatment starts with massaging herbal medicated tonic onto the scalp. Then the treatment is applied layer by layer and left to steam for about 20 mins Steaming opens the pores of the scalp which allows the nutrients from the herbs to be absorbed into the roots that stimulate hair growth





1. Before the colour or treatment service, mix the ingredients with warm water and stir in enough water into the mix to make it as thick as yoghurt.




2. Wash your hair and dry it. Comb your hair so you can section it easily




3. Try our special Jet Root, anti septic, Pore Cleansing technique, ask our stylist



4. Apply ginger tonic for preparation of scalp and hair to treatment




3. Put on gloves. Apply the mix ingredients into thickly onto sectioned hair, down to the scalp.



4. Apply ingredients evenly, or more concentration where is needed. (eg. to cover grey hair )



5. When the hair is completely covered, wipe off the hairline and ears.



6. Wrap up the pasted hair in plastic wrap and relax for at least 20 mins or as long as you like (The longer the period, the better the ingredients works the hair and scalp)


7. Rinse all the ingredients out of the hair and towel dry .



Common Scalp problems

There are three main types of scalp and hair issues. These can be very irritating if not dealt with .

Hair loss?

Facing hair loss problems/ Tried too many ineffective and expensive hair growth replanting packages? Give our Herbal Treatment a try! We aim to bring good hair scalp care to the reach of everyone.


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